QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike vs. Rambo Electric Bike R750

TL;Dr: Quietkat Ranger Vs. Rambo R750; which electric hunting bike is the better off the two?

Quietkat Ranger sports superior parts and slightly better performance while the Rambo R750 is highly customizable, but what’s best for you is entirely dependent on your preferences.

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Quiet Ranger vs. Rambo
Quiet Ranger vs. Rambo

In this article, I will be giving my honest and detailed review of what I believe to be two of the ‘best electric hunting bikes.’

But, before we get into the review, it is essential to know what aspects set them apart from other electric bikes on the market.

QuietKat and Rambo, are the two most durable electric bikes currently available on the market. I will be comparing them based on their looks, electric motor power, durability, battery time, etc.

 So, let’s dive in…

Quietkat Ranger Vs. Rambo R750: Quick Comparison Chart

Parameter QuietKat Ranger  Rambo R750 
Motor 750 watts Hub drive motor Bafang 750W BBSH02 High Torque Mid Drive
Range without pedaling 20 miles 19 miles
Speed 19 mph 19 mph
Digital Display Digital Bafang C965
Battery 48v/11.6ah Panasonic battery 10.4ah
Breaks Front and rear disk brakes (203mm Rotor) Front and rear disk brakes (SRAM BB5 160mm)
Wheels 26″x 4.5”  AT 26″x 4″ AT
Weight capacity It can carry up to 300 lbs. It can carry up to 300 lbs.
Frame 19″ Aluminum Alloy 19″ Aluminum Alloy
Fork Spring Coil Hydraulic Suspension Yes (Non-suspension)

Quietkat Ranger Vs. Rambo R750: Comparison

The performance is literally the same

There is not much difference between these two e-bikes. Both the e-bikes come with the 750watts, but the Rambo bikes have high torque mid-drive motor. 

There is an only 1-mile difference in the mileage which shouldn’t be a significant variance, however, both the e-bikes energies up to 19 miles per house. 

Rambo has a better LCD 

The Rambo has used Bafang 6965 digital LCD meter comes with Ergonomic external button design, easy to use and displays avg speed, max speed, mileage (odometer/trip distance/riding time), battery indicator and error code indicator and a lot more.

Whereas the QuietKat equipped with the digital display which shows the battery indicator, range, and speed. 

No difference in the tires and load capacity

Both the e-bikes come with the 26” fat tires and holds the ability to pull up to 300 lbs.

It is hard to declare the winner as all the features are almost the same except for a few things which can be insignificant to all, yet I shall try to narrow your query down to one bike.

Quietkat has super comfy suspensions; the Rambo doesn’t

The suspension setup in the Rambo e-bike would have been a great deal as it helps the rides to get the comfortable drive on the bad roads although the Fat tries to cover the need. 

There is no much difference in the range or durability or speed. But with the very marginal difference, the QuietKat has proven to be the best in this comparison.

In-Depth Review: Quietkat Ranger Vs. Rambo R750

QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike Review

QuietKat Ranger Electric Bike


  • 20 Miles Unaided – Without human force, the Bafang 750 watts Hub-Drive electric motor can go up to 20 miles at an unaided top speed of 19miles per hour.
  • It is equipped with a coil suspension fork, digital display, and Mechanical Disc Brake 203mm Rotor.
  • Wheel/Tire: 26 x 4.5 inches fat tire and medium frame. 48v/11.6ah Panasonic battery
  • Able to bare up to 300 lbs. Use their cargo trailer to pull extra gear for camping, hunting, and fishing.
  • Shimano 7 Speed gearing provides a wide range of gears for ease of travel over a variety of terrain.

Who is this bike for?

If you wish to go hunting, camping, fishing, or just cruising around your neighborhood; then one must have this bike because this model fits your needs. 

There are plenty of options in the market where the electric bike company manufactures wide ranges of electric bikes with a powerful motor. 

The bike is designed to carry heavy loads. This electric bike justifies its name, “Quiet Kat.” The electric motor power and quiet. 

The first impression, when you see this bike in person, would be “Wow.” The design on this bike is mesmerizing and has a muscular body.

Are you looking for superior comfort? This is the bike for you!

The handling is unbelievably light and comes with the best in class spring coil hydraulic suspension for a more comfortable ride. 

AT (all-terrain) fat tires, 750w Hub drives motor, 7-speed gear and it comes with the disk brakes corresponds to superior performance.

The 750w Hub drive-motor which is super quiet while riding and will last up to 20miles with the speed of 19MPH. The tires are broad and can drive on all types of roads like dirt, mud, and snow. This powerful motor can carry unto 300lbs.

Rambo Bikes Power Electric Bike R750 Review

Rambo Bikes Power Bike


  • 19 Miles Unaided – Without human force, the Bafang 750 watts Hub-Drive electric motor can go up to 19 miles at an unaided top speed of 19 miles per hour.
  • It is equipped with a highly functional digital display and Mechanical Disc Brake SRAM BB5 160mm.
  • Wheel/Tire: 26 x 4 inches fat tire and medium frame. 48v/10.4 ah battery.
  • Able to bare up to 300 lbs
  • Customizable with ten kits

Who is this bike meant for?

If you are all about that off-road, this is the machine for you!

Rambo is another famous brand that manufactures powerful e-bikes. Rambo R750 specially made for the hard-core hunters and permits you to go into the forests or use it for camping. 

The Rambo Bikes R750 has a lot of cool features that made for off-roading. The extra fat-tire helps the rider for a better grip on muddy roads. 

Is the performance any better than the Quietkat?

It is a mid-drive motor that comes with 750 watts and places right in the middle of the bike along with the 10.4ah battery and a ton of available accessories to outfit it for your drive.

Sturdy and reliable Archer within the geared hub, 180mm hydraulic brakes in both front and rear, fixed with motor inhibitors for immense stopping power. 

The center close of the bike is apparent and can be seen in the heavy sunlight and show all the information like range, speed, wattage output, and more. 

However, there are few things which lack in the bike as this does not have any lights in the front and rear, no suspension and the console is fixed and cannot be removed.

Quietkat Ranger Vs. Rambo R750: Who has won this battle?

If you are still confused about which electric bike should you get, fret not! Here are the reasons that will help you make a sound decision.

While the Quietkat ranger gives you slightly better performance, the statistics say they are insignificant. One mile extra on the range should not make a significant difference.

It is the design of both the bikes that makes a big difference, and this is entirely subjective.

Also, the Rambo R750 is highly customizable with up to 10 kits, whereas the Quietkat uses many superior parts.

Now the choice is simple: Do you want a superior ride quality or the option to customize and take down off-road?

I hope this article helps you make a purchase. If you like this review, you should check out my other reviews and comparisons of electric bikes in many categories.

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